Begin your Vegan for January adventure with Tri Veganuary,
a fun exploration of food and the neighbourhood!

Beetroot Sauvage, Karma Kebab, and Considerit Chocolate 
have joined up for this loyalty card to make things a bit more fun 

How it works:
1. Any purchase over £7 earns you a stamp
2. Collect all 3 stamps by visiting each of the three eateries
3. Enjoy the offer: pick one of the three eateries and buy any item £7 or over and get a second item FREE up to the value of £7 (or a discount of £7 if the second item is over £7)

Overall it’s a great exploration of this neck of Edinburgh (Meadows/Newington)
and a delicious one at that!

Looking forward to hosting you and feeding you delicious vegan food, chatting about the benefits, or generally just having a good time.