For the next month we are making ourselves your SANCTUARY from the madness!

A place to escape the mayhem and get nourished with good food, soul-freeing dancing, music, poetry, supper clubs, workshops, readings, and more. We are just out of the city centre enough for you to catch a breather and replenish your energetic resources, and close enough that it's a hop, skip, and a jump to get to us. 

We have chosen this mirth-filled time to dip ourselves into the creative pools of Edinburgh, putting together performances, events, workshops, and evenings that WE want to attend, come join in our celebration of mirth in a way that lets the soul shine.

Some are free, some require money, all require a desire to (re)connect.
Take a deek below at the first batch of events, more coming soon!


"Be the strange you wish to see in the world"


Friday 24 Aug. 18:00 - 22:00

This is f r i n g e of the fringe. 

Bring yourself, let's connect over music and poetry. Dancing, crying, laughing, the floor is open. 

Free entrance, but donations are greatly appreciated by the artists. 

We'll be selling wood-fired, plant-based pizza - if the weather's good.

More info here


Saturday 25 Aug. 10:30-12:30

Tara learnt about the art and history of Henna Tattooing while growing up in Nepal. She has put together this two hour workshop to explain the story behind Henna Tattoos as well as teach technique and designs. Not only will you walk away with a wonderful new skill you can share - but you'll be covered in beautiful art AND know this history behind it's uses. Read more Here.

£15 - Book by emailing Tara on

Saturday 25 Aug. 12:30-16:30

For those who caught Sarah's spoon whittling demo, you'll be familiar with her gift of seeking and finding the shape of something beautiful within wood. This workshop teaches you all you need to know about green woodworking, from choosing the wood, to sanding, oiling, and tool sharpening. || practical | magical | sculptural || The Listening Spoon.

£40 - Book by emailing Sarah on

For more info see Here.

Saturday 25 Aug. 18:00-23:00

An evening of back-to-back DJ sets alternating between Afrobeat and Disco. Dress up, dress down, just as long as you can lose your name on the dance floor with us. 

We'll also be selling wood-fired, plant-based pizza outside if the weather's good!

You can pay cash at the door. It's £5. More info here


More Coming Soon