Beetroot Sauvage was born from the joy that co-owners, Marie-Anne Marten and Gary McGirr experienced when they started on a plant-based lifestyle. It took some years of developing their love of plant-based cooking before they met and joined up to create a holistic space that brings together, the kitchen, the garden, and the body, and that space opened in May 2018 as Beetroot Sauvage.

The kitchen is the heart of it all, serving a daily menu of breakfasts and lunches that are equal parts healthy and indulgent. From daily stews and sandwiches, to cakes and mac 'n cheese. We love feeding people and creating fresh salads and smoothies that put a smile on your face and nourishment in your body.

On Saturday evenings we up the ante with an a la carte menu crafted from seasonal, local produce, making it an ornate expression of our love of flavour, texture, and experience. Guests can dine on warmer evenings in our city sanctuary garden with the delicate lights and sweet night air, or cosy up inside where the buzz is.

Being a holistic experience, we built a space upstairs that is calm, nurturing, and safe, this space is the Beetroot Sauvage Wellness Centre, with a variety of yoga classes and therapies. All classes focus on gentle movement that not only stretch the body, but deeply invigorate it. A space to rest and focus inward, to thank the body, and to draw close attention to healing.

Along with a weekly schedule of classes, we have a variety of magical therapists, each with their own journey that formed their rooted knowledge of healing the body. With their training they blend their sensitivity for your needs into creating a very present space that allows you to enter into with full intention for rejuvenation.

In addition to our focus on the kitchen and the body, we have our little slice of heaven, our city sanctuary garden. A rustic space, that you can dance in, eat in, laugh in, bring plants and garden in, and on Sundays shop in as we have Edinburgh's first 100% plant-based market. As often as possible we have musicians playing live music at the market and we thoroughly encourage dancing if you feel so inspired. We do!

We love our staff, we love the dogs you bring, we love the about-to-bloom sunflowers in the garden, we love the mess after a good batch of something yummy comes out of the kitchen, and we love the familiar faces that come through the door each week.

If you haven't been yet, we can't wait to meet you! And if you have, thank you for supporting us <3